Outdoor Research Films: The Big Office

Outdoor Research Films: The Big Office

Gregg Trienish couldn’t get past the question: How can I add purpose to my outdoor adventures?

After trekking far and wide, he wasn’t satisfied with simply enjoying his outdoor adventures. He wanted to give back—and he knew he wasn’t the only one who felt that way.

In 2011 he founded Adventure Scientists. Since then, the Bozeman, Mont.-based nonprofit has been connecting all kinds of adventurers with the tools they need to collect data for important scientific research that, in turn, can contribute to conservation efforts.

Accessing samples from remote rivers and alpine peaks requires specific outdoor skills, so Adventure Scientists connects researchers to the adventurers with those skills.

As scientists scramble to understand our changing climate, what could happen if anyone who loves the outdoors could contribute to crucial scientific research? Adventure Scientists is finding out.